Aug 16, 2018

KHS Events


24th - Movin' on Fusion, 7pm


12th - Town of Conway Budget Mtg, 6pm

15th & 16th - Evening with the Arts, 7pm


2nd - Conway School Board Deliberative Mtg, 7pm

4th - Town of Conway Deliberative Mtg, 7pm

11th - Winter Sports Awards, 5:30pm

13th & 14th - Drumline Shows, 6:30pm

16th - Spring Sports Mtg, 5:30pm

16th - Jr. Parent Night & College Fair, 6:30pm

20th - Drumline Show, 6:30pm

21st - Drumline Show, 1:30pm

24th - 8th Grade Transition Night, 6pm

27th, 28th & 29th - Spring Musical, 7pm


14th - Paying for College 101, 6pm

15TH - National Tech. Honor Society Induction, 4pm

17th & 18th - Spring Dance Show, 7pm

19th Spring Dance Show, 2pm